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My name is Kirsten Ivins. I am a rising senior at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County majoring in Environmental Science and Geography (BS). I will be part of the Branco Lab this summer. I am interested in the earth science aspect of environmental science, with a specific interest in groundwater sciences, coastal sciences, and geomorphology in general. I am particularly interested in the anthropogenic influence on water systems in an urban setting. One specific question I hope to investigate one day is how the overuse of water in coastal cities can increase the vulnerability of depleted aquifers to saltwater intrusion. Participating in the Branco Lab this summer assessing shorelines in the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge will be an invaluable opportunity for me to explore and understand how urbanization can affect coastlines. As a requirement for my major, I also have a solid understanding of and a deep interest in GIS which I hope to apply to my future research. Outside of school, I love to read, go for walks, walk my cats, and bake.

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Private: Kirsten Ivins – Individual Development Plan

My Individual Development Plan

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