Brooklyn College’s Urban Ecology and Environment Program (BUEE) offers a specialized ten-week intensive research training experience on human-coupled natural systems targeted at underrepresented students from academic institutions poorly equipped for research opportunities in STEM. The goal of our program is to train future researchers and policy makers in urban ecology and environmental science, capitalizing on our unique setting in the largest borough of the largest city in the United States. Our REU program is designed to meet four primary objectives:

    1. To provide mentored research and training for a diverse group of students and preparation for graduate programs in urban ecology and the environment;
    2. To increase student understanding of complex issues in urban environments through authentic research activities;
    3. To generate actionable data that will be made publically available and used in the preparation of peer-reviewed publications;
    4. To actively involve BUEE students in promoting environmental awareness at Brooklyn College and across the broader NYC community through outreach activities with community partners.