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My name is Jazmyn Gutierrez, and I am currently a senior at Northern New Mexico College in the Espanola Valley. I am working towards a bachelor's degree in biology as well as an associate degree in chemistry, with the aim of pursuing a master's degree in ecology in the future. Throughout my college journey, I have devoted a substantial amount of time to conducting research in our school’s Behavioral Ecology lab, where our focus has been on studying Bahamian pupfish. This involved behavioral, molecular, and fieldwork, and I even had the opportunity to travel to the Bahamas with my lab mentor for research purposes. My deep passion lies in comprehending the diversity in speciation and the variety of factors influencing it. Ultimately, my career aspiration is to become a wildlife biologist dedicated to safeguarding local animal species from human impacts. This upcoming summer, I am excited to be working in the Wilson Lab on pipefish. Besides my enthusiasm for working with animals, I also enjoy traveling, reading, dancing, and spending quality time with my family and dog.

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Private: Jazmyn Gutierrez- Individual Development Plan

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Private: Responsible Conduct in Research_JGutierrez_Summer24

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