Becca Jones, Forlano Lab

Becca Jones (she/her) is a rising senior from Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame. Becca is majoring in Biology with a concentration in Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology. She will also graduate with a minor in Music. Becca is working in Dr. Forlano's lab this summer to investigate the effects of sound pollution on oyster toadfish mating behavior.  Prior to participating in BUEE, Becca worked in a bioacoustics and animal behavior lab investigating the impact of sound pollution from Notre Dame football games on wildlife acoustic activity. Becca also worked as a Food Systems and Sustainability intern with Huerta Luna, the first organic and regenerative farm in the Galapagos Islands during the summer of 2021. There she contributed to the day-to-day maintenance of the farm as well as helped collect data on what plants were most prolific given the microclimate of the location of the farm. Becca also volunteers at the Potawatomi Zoo and serves as Co-Chair of the Sustainability Committee for the Student Government Association at Saint Mary's College. Becca's research interests primarily include how anthropogenic actions affect marine animal behavior and evolution. In her free time, Becca likes to go to concerts, learn to play piano, and especially hang out with friends and her cat, Chase.