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Hello, my name is Solveig Olson and I am a rising senior at Grinnell College, Iowa where I am a double major studying biology and gender studies. I grew up in rural Minnesota which fostered my interest in the natural world and its systems. So far, one of the ways I have followed this interest is by studying abroad in Kimana, Kenya for a semester, during which I focused on the ecology and conservation of endangered species. While there I had the chance to work closely with local communities and gain a more nuanced understanding of how humans and ecosystems interact and affect each other long-term. I am especially passionate about conservation and making scientific information more accessible to local communities. This summer I will be working with Dr Muth in his lab during the BUEE program. I have never been to New York so I am excited to experience the city. In my spare time I enjoy fiber crafts, spending time with friends, and cooking.

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Private: Solveig Olson – Individual Development Plan

IDP Plan for BUEE

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Private: Solveig Olson Muth Lab Responsible Conduct in Research

CITI Certificate


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