Quiana Berry, Staniczenko Lab (Class of 2019)

AA Candidate, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Bronx Community College

Quiana is a Sophomore in Biology at Bronx Community College, V.P. of her Student Government and Chair of all clubs on campus, where she aims to make a positive impact on her community. She uses her role to advocate for student’s needs, spearhead successful events, create opportunities for students to express themselves, build their networks, and learn new skills, while contributing to boosting student engagement and retention. Her involvement in student government has sparked her interest in science policy and advocacy. She aspires to take the tools/knowledge provided in the BUEE program and create more awareness in her community, while implementing changes that could benefit her campus and city as a whole. Outside of academia, as a world traveler of 8+ years she enjoys photography, poetry, adventuring and immersing herself into new cultures, learning about financial investments, learning different human and computer languages and staying active through martial arts, swimming, biking and yoga.