KC Coryatt, Branco Lab (Class of 2021)

BS Candidate, Environmental Studies, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

What can I do to promote sustainability in large cities? What role do humans play in protecting urban ecosystems? KC, a junior at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and forestry, hopes to answer these questions and much more doing research with Professor Branco this summer. KC is majoring in environmental studies with a focus on policy and law and is minoring in environmental writing and rhetoric. On campus, KC is the founder and president of their college’s first-ever Black Student Union, facilitator and programmer for one of the main school Diversity programs, as well as Secretary of the Sexuality and Gender Alliance. Being a Brooklyn native, KC has grown up observing the urban environment around them and wondering what they could do to help these ecosystems thrive and remain for years to come. Knowing the scientific side of these issues can help them steer a better course for themselves and others in environmental law and advocacy, as there often seems to be a disconnect between scientists and those who fight for and create laws. Outside of schoolwork and managing extracurriculars, KC loves to sing, go on adventures, and take care of their two guinea pigs.