Ken Mey, Wilson Lab (Class of 2019)

BS Candidate, Biological Sciences, Cal State San Marcos

Ken is a senior at California State University San Marcos where he plans to obtain his degree in cellular and molecular biology. Within a molecular genetics lab, Ken has worked on several projects that range from wildlife and ecological preservation through a microsatellite study involving populations of loggerhead shrikes in the state of California, biological control for agriculture which deals with lady beetles as a form of agricultural management, and lastly population genetics where he assesses global patterns across microsatellite and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP’s) within performed studies in order to highlight the importance of bridging the “conservation gap.” Apart from working in lab, Ken is also a supplemental instructor for genetics where he hosts lecture review sessions for students enrolled to increase retention and success in the course. After obtaining his bachelors, Ken will pursue his PhD and work within the field animal and wildlife conservation, and later extend his career to teach in academia. On his down time Ken enjoys exploring nature, reading, and expanding his music library. Send me your playlists!