Izabella Kornak, Muth Lab (Class of 2019)

BS Candidate, Environmental Engineering, Cornell University

Izabella is a rising junior studying environmental engineering at Cornell University, where she leads a project team focused on reducing plastic waste through sustainable design practices. Growing up in New York City, she spent many summers exploring the various parks and natural areas scattered throughout the boroughs, where her love and passion for environmental studies blossomed. She hopes to spend her career researching methods of best water management practices and furthering awareness towards water scarcity and pollution problems. This summer, Izabella will be working alongside professors Theodore Muth and Brett Branco to analyze the phytoremediation properties of the duckweed microbiome, specifically in the Prospect Park pond. Outside of research, she enjoys working out at the gym, relaxing on the Coney Island shoreline, and spending time with family.